Monday, August 25, 2008

Camden's First Day at Parkside!

Camden started daycare at Parkside Children's learning Center Monday. This is the same daycare ("school") that his big sister attends. Her classroom is right down the hall from his. Camden seemed to fit right in with the other older infants in his room. His teachers, Miss Sue and Miss Jenny, were right there for his first day and jumped at the chance to learn about his G tube button! We took supplies over last week and in serviced them on how to administer two of his medications, and left them the tools to practice and play with to get comfortable with it. They seemed confident when we dropped him off this morning that they could do this, and we even typed up detailed step by step instructions to keep in the classroom.

Andy and I then went out to Dysart's for breakfast, alone!! It seemed quiet at first, then we started talking about Camden's first birthday party plans and time flew by. A 3 hour nap that afternoon felt really good too!!!!
After we returned home, we talked to the dietitian at short gut clinic, Megan, about Camden's nutritional needs. We started him on more of a feeding schedule, which has worked well. He even took 39 ounces by mouth last weekend up to camp! On average I would say he take about 25 ounces a day now. The consistency of feedings helps to prevent huge blow outs in his diaper, but he still poops watery stool many times a day. We did pray for poop early on!!

He has adjusted to daycare and his teachers say he is doing very well.

We also have a date for our next clinic appointment in Boston. We will be there October 9th. I cannot wait for them to see all the changes and growth!! It is hard for me to believe Camden is already almost one year old!! I bought his birthday invites tonight on my way home and almost started to cry!! I am trying to get the final details of his birthday planned, then I will let everyone know.