Friday, November 21, 2008

Camden Walking!

What a big boy!! He is now trying to keep up with his big sister! camden had a weigh in at Dr Ross's office yesterday. He is 20 3/4 pounds (9.4kg). A small weight gain from a month ago, but now that he walking, he is really burning up those calories!! He really loves his O's and goldfish and even tried coleslaw last night! I think he played with it more that he ate it, but he was fun to watch.


Susi said...

Oh how much Nana wishes she could hug her two Maine kiddos. I surely got lots of lovin' this summer. . . and then 5 weeks in CA . . . what lucky grandparents we are that we are able to have the contact that we do. Videocams are wonderful things as well. To the moon and back. . .love, Nana and Grampy.

Alice Goldsmith said...

I have been watching Camden since he was born.It is wonderful to see him walking.
I am the former neighbor of Sue & Jack in Corinna.
Alice g.

Taylor Markie said...

Hey you guys! Its amazing that Camden is walking now! Both he and Madison has grown so much in this past year! Wow! So big and adorable! :]